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How training gave me a purpose.

I wake up soaked in sweat again. Heart racing through my chest. The gasp of breath that awoke me, has my body feeling like it was caught under a series of waves during a powerful tide. Breaking through to the surface, suffocating for air. I take a few moments to look around the room, make eye contact with my protector and power on my iPhone. 4:50am. Not too late to be “dangerous” and not too early to “affect” my day. I put on a sports bra, tie up my Nikes and grab the dog leash. There’s only one way to escape the reoccurring nightmares, beat the asphalt out of them.

People always told me I couldn’t “run from my problems”. But I’ll tell you what, talk to me around 6am and I’ll say “you wouldn’t know”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid believer in cognitive therapy and think we could all benefit from having a weekly therapist visit even more than say personal training. However, when you wake up in that bed with the clothes on your body and hair on your head as sweaty as it sh…