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The Human Touch

No, I don't mean the physical one that many of us yearn for when we don't have it while others take for granted when they do. I mean physical effort in our day-to-day lives. The kind that requires us to park our car, walk into a bank and speak to a human.

To make time in our "overly scheduled" schedule to drive to a grocery store and walk up and down the aisles. Possibly even have a conversation with the individual who's livelihood depends on the money made by swiping our food and putting it in bags for us while we stand and watch. I'm sorry, while we stand and use time efficiently on our cell phones clearing our email, updating our social media status or checking on the weather.

Or my favorite, the effort to drive, actually drive our own car.

It makes me wonder -- if we don't have to walk into a bank to manage our money, go to a grocery store to buy food, and soon physically drive to drive our car -- how are we so busy? And what is it we are doing with …

Hope is stronger than Fear.

Or so reads the motivational wooden decor that on sits my windowsill. Light from the morning sun shines through my window and the pink block with gold lettering looks back at me. I've already let the giant wolf of a dog out to release her bladder, picked up trash (that apparently was better placed on the ground than in the dumpster it laid next to), boiled my coffee, folded the blanket from last night's couch date with myself, washed my face and most irritably, made the list of things I "should" do today that continues to reside in my head. My attempt to meditate failed so I decide reading to be my next effort at slowing the awoken mind down before racing to the gym where physical effort will be forced.

"Consequently, the brain evolved a built-in negativity bias...Your brain has a hair-trigger readiness to go negative to help you survive". I read from Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring Happiness, as he explains how human evolution and our environments (and t…

Letting go.

"Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than defending or holding on" ~ Eckhart Tolle

The inspirational quote sitting on the microwave today. Slightly perplexed, I read it over and over again while my coffee microwaves for the third time. Not because the spinning heater is broken, but because I am slow to drink the mug and prefer my Joe steamy. It's snowing, again, and inside I will seek shelter for the day.

Month 03, Week 12, Day 080, the calendar reads. A day I couldn't have forecasted. The weather, sure, the decision I faced, not so much. Only if Hurricane Shwartz could help me with this prediction.

I sit and stew over Mr. Tolle's wisdom and realize the idea of "letting go" is universal in the sense that it can be in favor of, or opposition to, whatever the subject matter is. For me, that subject was leaving a job. For others, it could be a romantic relationship, friendship, family feud, etc. In my contemplation I wonder, is letting go &…

Run when you can’t hide.

A few weeks ago I was meal prepping, running late, and accidentally shattered a glass casserole dish. Frantically, I clean the glass out of the sink and toss it into the trash. Three days pass and now the trash and recycling are full, my 8-year German Sheppard needs to empty her bladder and I have 5-minutes before needing to leave again. Dog and trash bag in one hand, recycling in the other, we make our descent to the dumpsters.

A pull on the leash, a rub of the bag, a sensation I’ve never felt. The glass. I look down at my calf and see what looks like plump lips, dripping with fresh blood as if a Vampire is making way out of my leg. Never having experienced a legitimate flesh wound before, my body goes into shock and I feel no pain. I apologize to my canine, drop the trash in place and head inside for a roll of paper towels. On my car ride to Urgent Care (no way I’m paying my ER copay for this unexpected curve ball), I call my next client and apologize for needing t…