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At what cost will you stay comfortable?

On a typical Saturday night, I can be found at home with my dog.
It looks very similar to my Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 
Although, that’s a lie. On Friday and Sunday nights, I usually play “catch me aunt weewaa”, “bouncy bouncy” and “airplane” with my nieces.
So yes, rarely do I find myself at a bar, let alone up past 10pm.
I much prefer my rock, or newly named, my turtle shell. It’s comforting, its safe, its familiar, its calming…its home.
That said, location (to go unnamed) that I visited with a friend that I won’t see again for a long time, I hope you have since fired the server, who, with piss poor judgement, roofied my non-alcoholic drink this weekend.
That’s right, the intelligent, hyper-vigilant 31-year old female you must have mistaken based on appearance, childlike behavior and care-free (highly caffeinated) personality.
Thinking I was drunk and not paying attention. 
Hoping you could take advantage of me, wrong move kid.
Because gues…

Life after the Galilee.


Who's God Do you Follow?

Since becoming "religious" and I say this with quotes because I want to emphasize that it's just a word to me (yes, culturally a heavy word with lots of baggage), I've had people ask me a lot about it.

Those who have known me a while, trying to understand the new change and why?
Those just getting to know me, trying to understand the role it plays in my life and how much?

What "am I"?
How is this different than any other Jesus-based faith?
Do I read the bible?
Do I pray and how often?
Do I follow the "rules"?
Do I understand it?
How can you believe something that isn't tangible?

I'll be honest I didn't realize doing something for myself was going to bring on so many opinions. Naive, I know. How dare I. But seriously, get me out of this interrogation room and get over the fact that maybe my decisions make you realize maybe you need to look at yourself more and me less. And that is NOT a comfortable feeling. Trust me, I know.

Okay. Oka…