In Your Honor

In a dynamic caused by overflow, we find the edge before the answer
Risking our identity for judgments, until trauma becomes the new cancer

Becoming naked in heart and mind, children not knowing of what to come
Horrible things done before them, endured only until found numb

Expecting someone to claim responsibility, a role we all must take
Knowing history does repeat itself, no matter how much we medicate

To soften and still the voices, the night has shown to fear
Overdosing to get rid of them, losing control, we try to steer

Disassociate, numb, void, disconnect - coping mechanisms, they say
Swallow, binge, cut, debt - vices with a higher cost to pay

Research turned to poison, freedom the cost of pride
Fill another prescription, natures version we must hide

Dependence the new denial, addiction a choice made
Exposure therapy shock the memories, before my life begins to fade

The truth having no profit, since meditation and prayer are free
Tolerating the discomfort, in search of the person meant to be

Handicap by the generations of other, consider yourself paid in full
Owe no more payment, instead use the past as your tool

Memories flow back, a new river after years of drought
Where names were once blank, the feelings we couldn’t surmount

Leaving behind the loneliness, heavier than the world in your head
Freedom through self-surrender, today I am not dead

Misunderstanding forced with reason, the uninformed scared to doubt
Illusion comes from the top, anger they hear us shout

Emotional hijacking, no space left for logic, false security easy to find
While drama introduces more trauma, the east they see us as unkind

Stigma claims us small souls, shadowed by numbers of large
Or do we create the darkness, taking the crime, we should charge

The titles they have given me, eliminate awareness, self and identity
Am I really the only one who feels it - granting wisdom, courage and serenity

Monetary value giving no meaning, when the heart stops in woke
Eye for an eye, emotion for emotion - the love of one we must evoke

Re-frame our idea of who we are, the pressured to become
An act of spiritual imperfection, finding in nature the outcome

Establish expectations, start by looking in the mirror
Take the ‘self’ serious, or nothing will become clearer

Expect less from others, they will let down
Human kind is imperfect, until you wear the crown

In our weakness, strength in numbers become trust
Or build walls when vulnerable, and live in disgust

Cleansing our soul of enemies, you are number one
To free yourself from bondage, mindful to what you become

Statistics do not benefit, not one, two or three
Many categories I fall into, none of which define me

Separating individuality from victim, the gate starts to break free
The prison your mind is held to, escape, live, let be

Awaken a life born into, find solace in me too
Stories of survival, trending now, what’s new

Take with you no pride, don’t let success fill your head
What once was inflicted in your heart, can help others shed

Position will find you new, though posture be sure to keep
A verse to liberation, loyal to one another like the sheep

Worry robbing us, of what rarely comes true
Obey the god of yourself, and leave the rest for him to do

Listen to music like conversation, a teacher sharing a book
From their hearts know our struggle, this path they once took

Songs of salvation, one world we do create
If we search for separation, all we learn is hate

The broadcast is overwhelming, presenting deception known well
Like pawns in a game, we wait until together we can tell

Your own kingdom of fulfillment, loving and listening to his child
Created with a purpose, has enough evidence been complied

The strength I once knew, with it not what to do
Vulnerable today I sit, in loving memory of you

You the one broken, you the one raped
The man in prison, who has lost all faith

The child touched for pleasure, the gun held to mouth
Innocent lives ruined to mass shootings, north and south

To the overdose, hit and run, suicide note left behind
Families on welfare, and don’t forget the sick losing their mind

Education broken survivors, sons at war with themselves
Immigrants rejected freedom, despite history on the bookshelf

Divorced, widowed, gay, transgender or neither
Body image obscured, the child lost inside her

We all suffer from demons, my heart breaks when I say
Find yourself worthy of your love, I hope you join me one day

He who fears to suffer, suffers from fear the proverb
Self hating our nation walking, while others discover herb

Love has no fear, no vengeance – this I promise you true
Our body is the only way home, there’s so much for us to do

Stop sentencing yourself, a criminal to innocent acts
Don’t expect anyone else to help you, open your eyes and see the facts

Forgiveness starts within, blame takes too long
The child inside me that cries, so badly wants to belong

Taking time to explain to others, having few answers myself
Concerned with their understanding, they’ll never know how it felt

Change, as frightening as it may seem – like the moon to the sun
Think of the beautiful horizon, all this work we have done

Embrace this moment now, hold it for days without
Find purpose that doesn’t hurt you, or live in seasons of drought

Teach others how to treat you, be sure to show up for yourself
What you practice grows stronger, in the mind you grow health

Be humble to your past, that Judgment fearing, hyper-vigilance is alive
Bitterness can spoil the future, even if all this sounds contrive


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