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Happy Birthday to ME

It's been a bit of time.
Today is my birthday, so I'll type if I want to.
Type if I want to.
Type if I want to.
You would type too if it happened to you.
(60's song reference, I ca't take credit)

This whole negative and positive energy stuff has me really thinking.
And really, it kind of has me on a real-time research study of myself.

Not just energy that is transferred from person to person, person to animal, animal to person, person to nature, nature back to people. Like the rotation of the earth. The cycle that is water and oxygen, and all forms of life.

The smallest most prehistoric animal known is essentially a small fish. Even this "being" had a brain-stem which connected to it's spine. Just like me and you. This little stem lies at the center of the very complex, large muscle that is the brain. It has many functions that serve as the foundation of life such as heart rate and breath, the ability to eat, and the ability to sleep. It also controls pai…