Happy Birthday to ME

It's been a bit of time.
Today is my birthday, so I'll type if I want to.
Type if I want to.
Type if I want to.
You would type too if it happened to you.
(60's song reference, I ca't take credit)

This whole negative and positive energy stuff has me really thinking.
And really, it kind of has me on a real-time research study of myself.

Not just energy that is transferred from person to person, person to animal, animal to person, person to nature, nature back to people. Like the rotation of the earth. The cycle that is water and oxygen, and all forms of life.

The smallest most prehistoric animal known is essentially a small fish. Even this "being" had a brain-stem which connected to it's spine. Just like me and you. This little stem lies at the center of the very complex, large muscle that is the brain. It has many functions that serve as the foundation of life such as heart rate and breath, the ability to eat, and the ability to sleep. It also controls pain sensitivity, alert responsiveness and basic awareness.

Consciousness is at the stem. Haha. See what I did there? At the root?

Okay, anyway.
Why does this matter as it relates to positive and negative energy?

Well I figure, if the brain's stem is the beginning of life, and most of our brain is formed during the first 2-3 years of life, then all of the "negative" stuff that we may have experienced played a huge role in how the rest of our brain was developed. So if you grew up in a "traumatic" environment that may have introduced some form of "fear" to mind, it is likely then that your brain-stem was "grown" from this exposure. And with negative experiences outweighing those of positive in the brain (true fact, its like a 1:5 ratio, meaning you need 5 positive to counteract the 1 negative), how does this child not grow up with low energy? Now take into consideration the environments this child will live in, and you really aren't giving humanity a good outlook right now.

I mean think about it. Now the child is a grown up.
If the environment didn't change, or got worse as they aged, they will continue to attract and return that homegrown negative energy. Now take that same kid out of the environment (assume the child is at least 3 years old at this point) and put them into a one full of positive energy (one offering safety, love, and prosperity)...you still may end up like me. Daddy issues. LOL.

No but really. Even though negative energy is more powerful than that of positive, our brains are sticky and both can stick. So what are you telling to stick? And can we change what is already stuck from years ago?

The way I see it, the more positive "things" you expose your brain to, along with reducing or eliminating the sneaky negative "things", the fight for the positive affect starts to shift. Flood your brain with positive. Try your best not to get caught up in the negative past. If you need to "snap out of it", recall a memory that makes you soooooo happy. Like I do with my nieces. Then I go and visit them. I flood myself with more of the positive energy. The more I bring in positive, the more I can take back the space the negative has been occupying.

And if that isn't a good enough sell, check this out.
Our brain has a nervous system. Which is like a huge set of messy wires that are always shooting off billions of messages into the internet. But instead of a the internet and messages, our brain has nerves and they are constantly be created new and dying old every day.

What keeps a nerve alive? Living a long positive, or maybe short negative life. 
Activity of course.

The more you think something is true, it is.
I think therefore I am.
You get the gist.

If you find yourself complaining a lot and never happy in your current circumstance but you don't do anything about it, get used to it. And please stay away from me. No negative energy allowed!

But if you are the kind of person who sees life with optimism, shows others empathy and seeks refuge in nurturing environments, you got this! And I will see you, on the other side.

What I am saying is this - messages that we allow into our brain are read. If they are negative, your brain will have a negative foundation. If they are positive, your brain will have a positive foundation. Also, since most of the things that are "good" for us, make us feel good, we become a breeding ground for goodness.

And now for those who are thinking "yes but if the brain is developed so early in life, can it be fixed now as an adult?" And I am happy to report that yes, if can be fixed. Trust me - I did it.

BUT you have to change your whole life. Including the life you know life as. The person you see yourself as. It all needs to change. And it all needs to slow the fuck down. Seriously. there are way too many of us here to be moving so quickly. Seems reckless and a good way to start riots.

The Rule are simple.
Every day matters. Every thought matters. Every experience matters.
You CAN rewire your brain. You just have to want it bad enough.

I also read somewhere that with the repetition of thoughts (intelligence-based thoughts and emotionally-driven thoughts) in a count of 4, they stick. Which reminds me of my flashcard days in college when I would repeat the word and definition out loud multiple consecutive times. And yes, I did well. BUT because I quickly replaced those thoughts with new ones, you know once the next test came along, I didn't retain as much as I think I could have.

Which makes me think of all the positive experiences I've had in life. I wish I knew then, how important it was for me to capture and hold onto them. Oh Hinney-sight.

That said, go meditate.

Repeat a sequence of words/thoughts/aspirations.
Notice how your body feels at ease in the moment, like it is weightless. See how light enters even though your eyes do not open. Listen to how your hearing seems to be wider, but also more concentrated.

When you run do this again. When you drive do it again. When you sit on the toilet do it again. When you have to "wait your turn" do it again. When you wake up and get in the shower, JUST DO IT.

OHHHH and get this.
Once you get that super zen brain going, you will notice other changes too. How you eat. The overall health of your body, internally and externally. You will become less reactive. You will slow down. You will want less. AND if anything like me, you may find yourself feeling less disappointed with life as you know it.


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